Conflict is Stressful…

We can Help.

Thank you for considering mediation as a way to resolve your dispute! Even when common ground feels out of reach, the overwhelming majority of mediations result in agreement. It’s a peaceful way to preserve relationships while finding resolution and moving forward.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an opportunity to resolve conflicts while saving time, money, and emotional energy. Our professional mediator is neutral to your dispute – we don’t take sides and we don’t offer legal advice. Instead, we guide your conversation and manage your negotiation to help you work respectfully and productively toward a resolution. 

What Disputes are Right for Mediation?

Different forms of mediation have been used since the beginning of civilization to resolve every type of conflict under the sun. Now, mediation is used by families trying to determine their new structure, neighbors in dispute, business associates in conflict and more. Mediation is a chance to maintain control over your path forward and can be an alternative to court. Select “Our Services” from the menu above to learn more about the types of cases we mediate.

Why Valley Mediation Services, LLC?

At Valley Mediation Services, LLC, we approach each case with compassion, competence, and common sense. Our mission is to help you move forward from your conflict, avoiding escalation and preserving peace. Select “About Us” from the menu above to learn more about us and our qualifications.

Mediation is available both Virtually and In-Person.

In-Person appointments are available in Winchester, VA, and surrounding areas.

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