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Mediation offers an opportunity for parties in dispute to resolve their disagreement. A mediator is a neutral third party who facilitates and guides your conversation, without taking sides.

Unlike court, where a judge makes decisions for you, mediation allows the parties to maintain control of the outcome. Mediation is a chance to speak, feel heard, and work toward resolution in any type of dispute.

Divorce and Separation Agreements

Divorce and separation are some of life’s most traumatic experiences. Our goal is to minimize the conflict of this process. In Virginia, divorces are streamlined when the parties create a Separation and Marital Settlement Agreement. These agreements do the work of disentangling the spouses by recording how children, property, assets, and debts will be handled during separation and after divorce. Instead of hiring two attorneys, parties may hire one mediator to guide them through this process peacefully.

Child Custody, Child Support, and Parenting Schedules

Co-parenting is a relationship that will last for many years. The more collaborative parents can be in making decisions about their children, the more peaceful an already-difficult time can become. Even when parties believe they will never find common ground, mediation techniques offer the opportunity to refocus on your priorities and achieve creative solutions.

Business Disputes and Landlord/Tenant Conflicts

Many conflicts come down to communication. Before terminating a business relationship or ending up in court, consider mediation. Mediation offers an opportunity to resolve conflicts while preserving a relationship. If it’s not successful, court always remains an option.

All Other Conflicts

Conflicts arise in all parts of our lives — from disputes with our adult children to disagreements with a neighbor. Mediation offers a way to preserve your important relationships while navigating the difficult times. Our goal is for parties to finish the mediation process in a strong and healthy place.